Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am my own Worst Critic!

Truly, I am.

Fact:  I get totally lost in photographing.
Fact:  I feel like jumping up and down when a shot is working out as well as (or better than) I'd hoped.
Fact:  Photography consumes me.  Yes, I think about other things, too (like my children, of course!).  But not a day goes by that I don't also think about photography.
Fact:  I like my pictures.
Fact:  I am never totally satisfied with where I am - photographically speaking.

It's like a hunger.  I always want more.  Maybe that would be more like an addiction, I don't know, except without the side effects of course.  Then again, maybe there are side effects...  Like forgetting to cook supper, for instance!

So when I look at my pictures, I am always thinking about how they could be better, or what I can work on next to improve lighting, composition, or angles.  Could I have used a different f-stop?  Should I have taken more photos with a different light source?  And so on.

I suppose this is what keeps photography from ever boring me.  There is always something to learn.  And I always feel that I need to get better at it.  It is a challenge that I embrace:  It keeps me learning, experimenting, and open to new ideas

So...  What next?  Some more abstract, I think...  I'll have to work on that one!

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