Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Gives

Ever notice that when things get busy, it's sleep that gives? It's about the only place I can steal time from. Sooner or later, though, I am going to have to find some time from somewhere else for sleep!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


One of my photographs was featured in the following blog:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seeing the Light

The craziness of getting ready for work and school is sometimes a bit much. Outfits I've laid out the night before in an attempt to be organized turn out to be triggers for meltdowns; a quick bowl of cereal is sneered at in favor of toast; or missing hats and mittens create a frenzy on the way out the door.

Then we are on our way.

I pull out of the driveway and take a breath. When I look out, I notice the sunlight peaking through clouds coloured gray, blue, purple, white. Leaves are outlined in frost. Trees like painted landscapes lead the way.

Things are calm again, and I am reminded of these precious moments and how quickly they pass. These moments when the light is just right, somehow, remind me to appreciate all the little moments with my children.

Even the crazy ones.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have a confession to make: I am not one of those moms who has lost herself in the process of having children. Quite the opposite; I sometimes have to peel myself away from my hobbies to read a story or dress a doll.

Don't get me wrong--I love my children more than life itself. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them. I watch them play together with pride, listen with joy to their stories, and cry with them when they are sad. I can hardly remember life before them, and never for a moment have I ever wished for a return those times, those days when I never knew what it was like to listen to the laughter of my children.

The thing is, I have other interests too. I am baffled when I hear about mothers who need to rediscover themselves after years of doting. Nor did I ever stop taking daily showers, putting time into my hair, and doing my makeup. No gym pants for me!

But I do feel guilty sometimes, when I am absorbed in my photography or curled up with a great book. I wonder if I should be playing Lego on the floor with my son or Polly Pockets with my daughter.

Then again, surely they are learning something about the importance of having interests and hobbies. Surely they will grow up with a strong sense of self.

My children are busy: Crafts, K-Nex, marbles, dolls, drawing and writing. They are forever inventing and imagining, their creativity boundless.

I'd like to think they get some of this from me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

image imagination

Once again, I am trying something new... Thought I'd take a couple of my poems and print them on my pictures. I made this one last night, and another one tonight. Both are available on Etsy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wake me when the Light is Right

I am half-awake, gradually gaining consciousness on this Sunday morning with the help of some caffeine. As I head toward the kitchen to once again heat my lukewarm coffee, something makes me stop. The morning sun is beaming through the glass on my front door, creating a rainbow of light on my husband's guitar.

I grab my camera and work quickly to capture the colours before they are gone. As I do, my senses awaken and I make as many compositions as I can before the sun rises higher in the sky and the reflection disappears.
Now, I am awake.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Craft Fair in 2 Weeks

The fall craft fair is coming up in two weeks. I have been working on some new cards (Halloween and Christmas) to add to my collection. I am also waiting on some glass and will get started on some 2-inch pendants as soon as they arrive in the mail.

It seems I have been spending a significant amount of my free time preparing for this and the previous craft fair. Once this one is done, I am going to concentrate more on Etsy and adding my necklaces, cards, and fabric prints to my shop.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life through Photography

I spend a lot of time thinking about photography.

I also spend some of that time wondering what it is that draws me to photography, especially this desire to get up close and simplify.

Life is in the details, in the small moments. Life is about appreciating the little things. It is also about getting closer, building relationships with people and the world around us. It is about getting to know things inside and out.

Life is not about the big picture. It's about the moment when a child is born, the moment he smiles for the first time; it's about moments that stop you in your tracks.
And so, I try to capture life's little details: The petal of a flower, the ripples in the sand, the reflection in a glass. Try to get closer to the small stuff. Try, in some small way, to capture life's essence.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Capturing Memories

I wrote this short poem in August, thinking about my children and how quickly they are growing.

they fade so fast
we capture them
so they will last
snapping photos everywhere
aiming our cameras here and there

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fleeting Light

Twice today I looked out at the fall leaves and the light was perfect. Twice, though, I missed the opportunity.

In the morning while I was getting ready for work, the sun was coming up over the tips of the trees, creating a glowing light. But I had to get ready for work.

In the late afternoon, lower leaves were touched by the warmth of the sun. It was suppertime.

Photographs untaken, these moments are exposed instead in my mind.