Monday, February 7, 2011

Even the Bathroom

It's not exactly a saleable piece, but I really like this shot of a toothbrush.  Another of my discoveries from my day wandering around the house; it makes me wonder what I would find if I did this every day!

In Inner Excavations, there is a suggestion to carry your camera with you everywhere for a day.  I fully intend to try that, and am constantly imagining what I would take photos of once I do.  Nothing is really stopping me from doing it, except that I want to choose a day when I am not working (taking photos while teaching may prove a little awkward - not to mention frowned upon!), and on the weekends I tend to lazier mornings so do not think of doing this until halfway through the day.  Once I do, I will post some of my photos.  This toothbrush would fit well in a day like this!

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