Monday, July 26, 2010

Carnival, Check!

It's been a great summer for photos, so far.

A few things I've always wanted to capture, but due to uncooperative weather or running-around-children, I have not yet managed to shoot them.

Carnival (at night!): Check!
Fireworks: Check!
Butterflies: Not yet, but in the plans.
Clothes-on-a-line: Check!
Beach (always on my list): Check!
Shallow-depth-field-flowers (which I can now do much better thanks to my macro lens): Check!
With any luck, this gorgeous weather will continue and so will my list!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Changing Point of View

I have begun getting ready for my next craft fair: The annual Salt of the Earth Artisan and Craft Expo. In doing so, I have taken out and re-evaluated all my old photos. Many of them, I still like, and am proud of most. Time, however, has changed the way I look at them. Time, and I would say, experience. I have changed my mind about several of them, tossed some in the garbage, and put others in a "maybe" pile. I may be my own worst critic! Nevertheless, it helps me learn and continue (I hope!) to improve.