Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Without My Ideas

I hadn't mentioned this before, but I had lost my "idea book". 

It's basically a little scribbler that I carry with me so I can jot notes whenever an idea comes to me.  I even have it sectioned off for my blog, photos, poems, and other thoughts.  Not that I couldn't have created another, but when it disappeared, I felt as though the ideas had gone with it.  Many of them I might have remembered at some point, but I worried that others would be gone forever. 

Almost two months without it.  The last time I remembered seeing it was in a hotel in Halifax; I couldn't remember leaving it there, but I couldn't remember not leaving it there, either.  I pictured it having fallen behind the desk, to be found some day by the cleaning staff or a future guest.  My thoughts exposed - imagine!  Of course, those random ideas could hardly have been deciphered by anyone, let alone someone unknown to me.  More likely, my half-poems and blog titles would have been tossed out with the leftover pizza.

Fast-forward to last night, when I was looking for paper in my "bills" basket to write good morning notes to my kids.  There, in the midst of all that considerably un-inspirational paperwork, was my idea book.

Do you know how, when something good happens, you feel like calling someone to tell them about it?  Well, that's how I felt - quite celebratory, in fact.  I didn't, though - someone might have thought I was losing my mind when I told them I had found my thoughts!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Even in Strawberry Fields

Any outing out of the ordinary calls for my camera.

Last week, I took the kids strawberry picking for the first time.  Aside from bickering over water bottles (!!), they quite enjoyed themselves and happily filled containers with juicy red berries.  Happily for me, the owners of Jim's U-Pick did not weed their fields:  Along with hundreds of strawberry plants grew hundred more haphazard wildflowers.  Petals painted the fields with their loveliness. 

This photo is my favourite that I made that day:  "In a Field of Flowers"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspired by Our New Patio

It's been awhile since I created an Etsy treasury, so here's one for the patio:

under those patio lanterns

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Clam Digging Adventure

Maisonette, NB, Canada

Saturday morning, we awoke to sun and warmth.  For fun and food, we went clam digging with my parents.  It was the first time for my kids, 6 and 8, to experience this Maritime activity.  Although I don't care for them myself, it's a fun thing to do on a hot summer day, and I was anxious to watch my children catch their supper.

As soon as he knew what to do, my son was running all over the sand bars looking for the telltale holes in the sand.  He plunged that shovel in enthusiastically, and ran his fingers through the muck looking for his catch.  My daughter became the washer, rushing out to rinse the clams as they were found.  Between us, we filled a bucket, and my son in particular looked forward to dipping steamed clams in the buttery juice for supper.

Ahead of the tide, we carried our tools and buckets back to shore.  Along the way, we passed a pair of men who asked if the clams were good to eat.  We replied that the beach had been full of clam diggers, so they must.  Turns out, though, that these men had seen a sign saying it was prohibited to take them.

Upon return to the parking lot, we searched for the sign, having not noticed one.  Sure enough, way at the end of the fence, one tiny red sign said just that.  It turned out that there was a possibility of bacteria in the clams.  Not wanting to take a chance, we freed our supper into the salty water.

My son, upon discovering that he was not having clams for supper, threw up his arms and shouted, "Why are they there if we can't have them?"

Good question!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes, Things Don't Work Out So Well...

I was so determined to get some beach shots again this year. 

A few days ago, my husband, kids, and I headed to the local beach in the evening - a perfect time for photos.  Or so I thought.  When we arrived, the cool breeze that felt so nice in town turned out to be a cold wind at the beach.  The sand was blowing (not good for cameras!) and the beach grass I had hoped to get close-ups of was whipping in the wind. 

We lasted about 10 minutes, then packed it up and headed to the other side.

As we had hoped, it was much calmer as the hills blocked the wind, and we were able to relax on the sand while the kids splashed in the salty water.

Unfortunately for me, that side of the beach is not nearly as picturesque as the first. 

I did manage to get a few shots, not many of which I was happy with when I reviewed them at home.  Here is one I didn't mind too much; before the summer is out I intend to get back there and shoot this fence again - maybe next time I'll be more successful!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Sale!

I love summer, so I've started a summer sale in my Etsy shop...

Until August 15th, receive 30% off photos in my shop!

Click here for details:  Summer Sale in photoworks by dawn

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogged by Yonder

I'm very happy to have had one of my photos featured on this very cool blog:


Many thanks to Megon and Julie for sharing my red shoes!