Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Charlie

I am weak. I swore I would never have another dog, and yet here we are. It was totally unplanned; my cousin needed a home for her pug and we just happened upon the message on facebook. Before I knew it, we were driving home with the fifth member of our family (not counting the golfish).

He's a cutie, I'll give him that. And the kids love him to bits. They adore his "squishy" face and tear around the basement with him. I've no doubt they'll soon be dressing him up in doll clothes and making him part of their make-believe play.

Charlie has made himself quite at home with us. He is a guard dog, growling at his reflection in the patio doors; he is a vacuum cleaner, sucking up any stray crumbs (and there are many) after meals; and he is a teacher--the kids are quickly learning that if they don't pick up their toys, he will eat them!

Life with Charlie... It'll never be the same!

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