Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life through Photography

I spend a lot of time thinking about photography.

I also spend some of that time wondering what it is that draws me to photography, especially this desire to get up close and simplify.

Life is in the details, in the small moments. Life is about appreciating the little things. It is also about getting closer, building relationships with people and the world around us. It is about getting to know things inside and out.

Life is not about the big picture. It's about the moment when a child is born, the moment he smiles for the first time; it's about moments that stop you in your tracks.
And so, I try to capture life's little details: The petal of a flower, the ripples in the sand, the reflection in a glass. Try to get closer to the small stuff. Try, in some small way, to capture life's essence.

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