Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Without My Ideas

I hadn't mentioned this before, but I had lost my "idea book". 

It's basically a little scribbler that I carry with me so I can jot notes whenever an idea comes to me.  I even have it sectioned off for my blog, photos, poems, and other thoughts.  Not that I couldn't have created another, but when it disappeared, I felt as though the ideas had gone with it.  Many of them I might have remembered at some point, but I worried that others would be gone forever. 

Almost two months without it.  The last time I remembered seeing it was in a hotel in Halifax; I couldn't remember leaving it there, but I couldn't remember not leaving it there, either.  I pictured it having fallen behind the desk, to be found some day by the cleaning staff or a future guest.  My thoughts exposed - imagine!  Of course, those random ideas could hardly have been deciphered by anyone, let alone someone unknown to me.  More likely, my half-poems and blog titles would have been tossed out with the leftover pizza.

Fast-forward to last night, when I was looking for paper in my "bills" basket to write good morning notes to my kids.  There, in the midst of all that considerably un-inspirational paperwork, was my idea book.

Do you know how, when something good happens, you feel like calling someone to tell them about it?  Well, that's how I felt - quite celebratory, in fact.  I didn't, though - someone might have thought I was losing my mind when I told them I had found my thoughts!

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