Sunday, April 17, 2011

Forgotten Camera

Years ago, my sisters found an old Leica at a a yard sale and brought it home for me.  At the time, they weren't very old - maybe young teens.  It was a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Fast forward about twenty years... 

The camera is in a box, in my closet, almost forgotten.  I've collected other cameras, which I've photographed a number of times.  This time, though, I'm creating compositions of an old typewriter (I'll post some of those photos soon, too), and I'm not ready to put my camera away yet.  So I wander around the house, looking for something vintage to capture. 

Then, I remember the Leica.

With Christmas-morning-like anticipation, I explore the dusty contents.  Delighted, I find three forgotten lenses, and two filters I'd never even taken out of the packages.  I can hardly believe my luck (nor can I believe that I'd forgotten about these treasures!). 

So I begin a new project - "Camera Study".  I'm not done yet, either - I would have continued all night, had my battery not died.  (Note to husband:  Would love a backup for my next birthday!  Hint, hint!)  I was forced to stop, though, but not for long.  I'll be back at it as soon as I can...

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