Monday, March 21, 2011

Melt Snow, Melt!

Welcome Spring!

The sun is shining, and I can hear the melting snow tapping on my metal garden table as it falls from our roof.  Puddles are appearing along the roads; like a child I aim my car into them, splashing the snowbanks as I drive by.  Slowly, grass is beginning to peek out along the perimeter of the house.  Hard, frozen ground is becoming slick with mud. 

We often say, here, that we don't have spring - just winter, then summer.  It certainly feels that way at times.  The ground is still heavy with snow, and will be for some weeks to come.  Flakes will fall again, and nights remain cold.

But during the day, when the sun comes out, it brings with it hope and anticipation for the beautiful season ahead.

My camera and I are ready.

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