Monday, March 28, 2011

I Need to Expand My Horizons...

Something I have not done a lot of is landscapes.  As we move into milder weather, this is something I would like to focus on.  I am drawn naturally to details and close-ups, loving my macro lens and the endless possibilities of shallow depth-of-field.  This is something I have no intention of leaving behind. 

It is time, though, for me to challenge myself with my photography. 

My mind is already there, imagining how I could capture a shoreline, a wooded trail, or a cityscape.  I need to discover a way to photograph the vastness of our world while keeping with my need to simplify.  It must be true not necessarily to the way it is, but to the way I see it.  To the way it makes me feel.

This spring, then, I will begin.  I will choose a shorter lens and really look at the wide open spaces. 

I will find the details in the big picture.

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