Friday, September 9, 2011

It's that Time Issue Again...

The unfortunate thing about the end of the summer is having much less time for my photography.  I'm back to teaching full-time, and can barely keep my eyes open once I'm done work, kids' homework, supper, clean-up, and kids' bedtime - let alone pick up my sadly neglected camera.  I will have to be sure to make time on a weekend here and there to get some shots of the soon-to-be-here fall colours.

I did sign up for the IODE Craft Fair, though.  That's coming up on October 22nd, and I will have plenty to do to get ready for it.  Making lots of Little Tips booklets to sell, and even working on translating them currently.

As the calendar fills up with meetings and activities, the dust thickens on my camera bag.  Maybe I will have to pencil photography time into my agenda!

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