Monday, June 20, 2011

Shot through the Window

I waited (im)patiently all weekend for the rain to end.  Finally, a break yesterday afternoon allowed me to head outside in my mother's yard to capture the few flowers that have managed to grow in this cold, wet spring.  No sooner had I found a few willing subjects, than I had to cover my camera with my jacket and slip back inside and out of the drizzle.

Not quite ready to give up, I wandered around the house looking for some possibility I had not yet discovered (having many times explored Mom's house and yard).  I got up on a stool and captured my husband, brother-in-law, father, and grandfather playing crib at the kitchen table.  A priceless shot, for sure, but not so artistically inclined.

Looking out the front window in the living room, I noticed the chive buds from a new angle.  First, I included the window in my composition to add scale and setting.  Soon, though, I found myself crouched down in front of them, noticing the way the birch tree on the front lawn and my red SUV created a muted and complementary background.  I guess I can thank the rain (begrudgingly, though, I have to admit), then, for forcing me inside and finding this otherwise overlooked subject.

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